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February 2: solo at Leaven Community (Portland, OR)

February 23: M1619 at Queens Public Library

March 23: Carl Testa ensemble at Lilypad (Boston)

April 6: solo at Never Ending Books

April 12: (Be)longing at CEIO Deeper Change Forum (Hamden, CT)

April 29: solo at Wonders of Nature

June 10: Workshop on the Music of Anthony Braxton at Jazz Gallery

June 23: solo at Best Video, plus Nate May and A Delicate Motor

July 21: With Dr. Caterwaul's Cadre of Clairvoyant Claptraps at Queens Public Library

August 1: Curmudgeon Corner (Rhodes/Matlock) at Best Video, plus Evan Miller, Federico Balducci, and Human Flourishing

August 9: Duo with Carl Testa at Santa Monica Public Library

August 18: solo at Crunch House, plus Obliquity, Fred Cracklin, and barbara

September 16: Red Rainbow (solo voice and electronics) at Downtown Music Gallery (NYC)

September 23: Red Rainbow at Orchard St. (New Haven)

October 9: Sway (Carl Testa sextet with interactive electronics) at Wonders of Nature (Brooklyn)  CANCELLED

October 13: Red Rainbow at Home Audio (Brooklyn)

October 20: Red Rainbow at Elm City Noise Fest (New Haven)

Nobember 11: Red Rainbow at Secret Project Robot (Brooklyn)

November 17: Red Rainbow at Water House (Hamden, CT)

November 18: Red Rainbow at Orchard (New Haven)

November 24: Curmudgeon Corner at Willmantic Records (Willimantic, CT_

December 2: Red Ranbow at Never Ending Books (New Haven)

December 15: Holiday duo with Chris Cretella at Queens Public Library

December 21: Red Rainbow Cxxxx Hxxxx


January 10: Red Rainbow at Best Video (Hamden)

January 20: Sway at Elastic (Chicago)

January 25: Anthony Braxton's Syntactical Ghost Trance Music Choir CD release party at Roulette (Brooklyn)




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