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February 2: solo at Leaven Community (Portland, OR)

February 23: M1619 at Queens Public Library

March 23: Carl Testa ensemble at Lilypad (Boston)

April 6: solo at Never Ending Books

April 12: (Be)longing at CEIO Deeper Change Forum (Hamden, CT)

April 29: solo at Wonders of Nature

June 10: Workshop on the Music of Anthony Braxton at Jazz Gallery

June 23: solo at Best Video, plus Nate May and A Delicate Motor

July 21: With Dr. Caterwaul's Cadre of Clairvoyant Claptraps at Queens Public Library

August 1: Curmudgeon Corner (Rhodes/Matlock) at Best Video, plus Evan Miller, Federico Balducci, and Human Flourishing

August 9: Duo with Carl Testa at Santa Monica Public Library

August 18: solo at Crunch House, plus Obliquity, Fred Cracklin, and barbara




January 14-16, 21-23: Anthony Braxton SGTM Choir recording

Feburary 5: Super Bolus II at The Footlight

Feburary 11: Curmudgeon Corner (Matlock/Rhodes duo) at Neverending Books

February 25: Coffee-hour recital with Kimmy Szeto at MLA Orlando

Feburary 25: MLA Big Band at MLA Orlando

March 7: Large Objects (Cretella/Matlock/Rhodes/Rowden quartet) at Best Video

March 19: Adam Matlock's Earthseed Songs (Matlock/Rhodes/Slattery trio) at Neverending Books

April 7: WWI Musical Review at the Cushing/Whitney Medical Library

May 14: Large Objects at Ely Center of Contemporary Art

June 17 -18: (Be)longing: a hip-hop oratorio by Byron Au Young with libretto by Aaron Jafferis at The Festival of Arts & Ideas

July 26: Dr. Caterwaul's plays the music of The Simpsons at Best Video

July 29: M1619 at Queens Library

August 12: Uncertainty Series final show at Never Ending Books

September 23: Uncertainty Series Farewell Festival at Firehouse 12

December 14: Rhodes/Matlock/Cretella at Spectrum



January 22 - Duo with Adam Matlock at The Buttonwood Tree

January 29 - David Bowie tribute show at Best Video

February 4 - Super Bolus at St. Paul's Theater (Duo with Jaimie Branch)

February 6 - NHSO Family Concert at the Davis Street School in New Haven

February 7 - NHSO Family Concert at Shelton Intermmediate School

April 10 - NHSO Family Concert at the Hooker School in New Haven

April 26 - Duo with Chris Cretella at Wesleyan

May 1 - Trio with James Ilgenfritz and Adam Matlock at The Firehouse Space, Brooklyn

May 14 - Duo with Chris Cretella at Neverending Books




January 8 - Broadcloth house concert at the Testa-Rhodes home

January 25 - Voice and electronics with Carl Testa: NHIC at Pacific Standard Tavern

February 18-25 - Anthony Braxton residency at University of Alabama

March 21 - James Ilegenfritz "The Ticket That Exploded" at Cake Shop

June 11 - Cignet Sisters with Dr. Caterwauls at Best Video

July 11 - Matlock/Rhodes/Valenti trio and Nick Millevoi solo at Uncertainty

July 22 - Broadcloth at Ball and Socket Arts Garage

September 26 - Catercloth Family Players at Flywheel Presents Waywords and Meansigns

October 2 - Broadcloth CD Release Party NYC TBA

October 3 - Broadcloth CD Release Party at G Cafe

October 3 - Catercloth Family Players at the Amherst Poetry Festival

October 14 - James Ilegenfritz "The Ticket That Exploded" at The Stone

October 29 - Satie, Debussy, and Scarlatti with Neely Bruce at Wesleyan University

December 5 - French song at Crepes Choupette with Adam Matlock


October 11 - duo with Carl Testa, electronics, at The Uncertainty Music Series

September 5 - Cygnet Sisters at Euphoria

July 23 - Broadcloth and Jen Shyu solo at The Big Room




January 13, 2014:

NEA Jazz Masters Award Ceremony at Lincoln Center (streaming here). Anthony Braxton (along with Keith Jarrett, Jamey Abersold, and Richard Davis) will be honored as an 2014 NEA Jazz Master as part of Jazz at Lincoln Center. The ceremony will feature performances of each honoree's music, including a scene from Braxton's opera Trillium J, sung by me and baritone - no, TENOR - Vince B. Vincent, and played by Taylor Ho Bynum, Mary Halvorson, and Ingrid Laubrock. I could not be more thrilled and honored to have a part in presenting Anthony's music at this level, and with these amazing musicians! The performance, though invite-only, will be streamed live.



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