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"That voice seems infinitely flexible...sounds seem to come out of nowhere."
-Brian Slattery, New Haven Independent, September 2018

"...an ucomompromising aesthetic—exacting, wry, and massive—well worth tuning an ear towards."
-Clifford Allen on Broadcloth's "In Stitches," New York City Jazz Record, May 2016

"...the angelic voices of Anne Rhodes and Megan Schubert prove priceless instruments..."
-Brad Cohan, New York City Jazz Record, October 2015

"...piercingly dextrous..."
-Katie Bull, New York City Jazz Record, February 2012

"[Anthony Braxton] has found his avant-Ginger Rogers, remarkable East Coast vocalist Anne Rhodes...one of art's great male-female pairings."
-Lawrence Cosentino, Signal to Noise, Fall 2010

"In Rhodes, [Braxton] found a stellar interpreter of his gnarled and knotty lyricism."
-Stuart Kremsky, IAJRC Journal, September 2010

"She brings an intense presence to the music, a voice that seems to imply capacity in every vocal style from raw folk and blues to operatic coloratura, as well as a kind of alien lyricism that wouldn’t have been out of place in The Fifth Element."
-Brian Morton, Point of Departure, August, 2010

"Splendid...precise yet lively, abstract yet moving."
- François Couture, Monsieur Delire June 11, 2010

 "Mama, you a great singer!"
- Florian Testa, age 3


On "GTM (Syntax) 2017" performed by the Tri-Centric Vocal Ensemble:

"...the singers stretch the limits of the human voice in nearly unimaginable ways...an overwhelming achievement of composing, performance, and group improvisation. I wish we could shoot it into outer space for the aliens to hear."

-Miles Bowe, Acid Test, Feburary 2019

"...a rush, a puzzle, an submersion into mind-altering wave forms...an intoxicating listen...avant garde mastery."
-Kurt Gottshalk, The Wire, February 2019