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"...an ucomompromising aesthetic—exacting, wry, and massive—well worth tuning an ear towards."
-Clifford Allen on Broadcloth's "In Stitches," New York City Jazz Record, May 2016


"...the angelic voices of Anne Rhodes and Megan Schubert prove priceless instruments..."
-Brad Cohan, New York City Jazz Record, October 2015


"...piercingly dextrous..."
-Katie Bull, New York City Jazz Record, February 2012

"[Anthony Braxton] has found his avant-Ginger Rogers, remarkable East Coast vocalist Anne Rhodes...one of art's great male-female pairings."
-Lawrence Cosentino, Signal to Noise, Fall 2010

"In Rhodes, [Braxton] found a stellar interpreter of his gnarled and knotty lyricism."

-Stuart Kremsky, IAJRC Journal, September 2010

he brings an intense presence to the music, a voice that seems to imply capacity in every vocal style from raw folk and blues to operatic coloratura, as well as a kind of alien lyricism that wouldn’t have been out of place in The Fifth Element."
-Brian Morton, Point of Departure, August, 2010

"Splendid...precise yet lively, abstract yet moving."
- François Couture, Monsieur Delire June 11, 2010


Interview on the Uncertainty Music Series Podcast

In this December 2008 interview, Rhodes talks with series curator Carl Testa about working with composers, and about Adam de la Cour's Game-Hate-Box and Chris McDonald's Everybody's Autobiography.